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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who Appointed Me “God”?

I recently shared a story with a close friend that always makes me smile when I tell it, and always reminds me that I’m not “all that.” When we lived in Louisiana, I gave the Sunday’s children’s sermon at Ingleside United Methodist Church and was chaplain for the Mother’s Day Out program.

One Sunday morning when I was giving the children's sermon in Baton Rouge, I said to the kids "watch this, it's fun" and stood up and faced the congregation. I told everyone to stand up (no "please"), and they did. Then I told them to raise their hands in the air and shake them back and forth (again, no "please"), and they did. I told them to sit down, and they did.

I turned to the kids and asked, "Did you see that? Do you know why all these grownups did what I told them to do without even saying please?" and a little voice in the back said, "Because you're God?"

I was stunned into speechlessness and instantly humbled.
Not me; not Ingleside United Methodist Church, but
you get the idea.