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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Who Should Play Casey Anthony in the Movie About the Trial? - Entertainment & Stars

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Who Should Play Casey Anthony in the Movie About the Trial? - Entertainment & Stars

We Cast The Inevitable Casey Anthony Movie | Screen Junkies

 Click below to see entire article:
We Cast The Inevitable Casey Anthony Movie | Screen Junkies

You, Too, Can Score $$$ Off a Baby’s Murder

According to law, Casey Anthony is guilty of nothing but lying. Okay, we have to accept that until she does something else newsworthy. She is also guilty of bad taste and poor judgment, but there’s not too much we can do about that. Now the rumor is going around that a movie based on the Anthony case is being considered. Hello! Wake up! That movie (or more aptly, those movies) has been under consideration for a long time, just waiting on the outcome of the trial.

Those of us who are convinced it will be made sooner than later, argue that the sooner Casey sells the rights to her story, the more she’ll make on it. Once the case gets stale, and all the based-on-a-true-story movies (with names changed to protect the litigants) are made, Casey’s story will lose its value. It would be easy to be outraged that Casey Anthony would make a dime off her child’s murder, whether she was guilty or not. But who should make money off of this?

What commercial enterprise should benefit from the murder of a child? The idea is pretty abhorrent, don’t you think? And yet, within hours of the verdict, merchandise—particularly t-shirts—flooded the internet market. There are t-shirts with a picture of Casey and the word “murderer,” there are t-shirts that describe angels crying in heaven when the verdict was delivered, there are t-shirts showing Casey vomiting into a toilet, saying “Caylee, are you in there?” (Anthony-related merchandise had been available long before the trial ended.) Yes, there’s lots of money to be made off Caylee’s murder, and those who have the facilities to produce and profit rapidly are already raking it in.

One of the longstanding “problems” with freedom of any type, but particularly freedom of speech, is that there are times when you may have it, but it would be wiser or more sensitive not to invoke it. For those who want to protest the justice system, voice their opinions about murderous moms, or simply mourn the death of a child, there are better ways to do it than putting cash in someone else’s pocket. If one has to have a t-shirt, take an old one and paint your feelings on it. If you are mourning for the child and all the children who are abused and murdered, print out her picture, hang it up and say a prayer or light a candle in memory. If it’s important to make your opinion known, write a letter to the editor or a status update on Facebook.

If people simply must spend money to vent their frustration, why not make a donation in memory of Caylee to an organization that helps abused children, or St. Jude’s, or any of the others who help children? We can put our money where it will do some good for the children, not so much for the guy who is printing the t-shirts. (Okay, you’re used to my off-center ideas. How about if charitable organizations give donors the t-shirts of their choice for donations of, say, $100 or more? That way we don’t hurt the t-shirt guys, but we do help the kids.)

Note to readers: I am in no way suggesting that Freedom of Speech be curbed or curtailed. However, I am in favor of discretion.

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