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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Post-Rapture Depression

Post-Rapture Depression - Technorati Entertainment
I missed the Rapture...I'm goin' to Disneyland!

What the heck happened? I thought there was going to be a Rapture today, and a lot of people would depart this earthly realm and take up residence in Heaven. I looked out my front door, and none of my neighbors is missing. I guess if I’m not going to be spending the night with angels, I’ll have to settle for Captain Morgan.
I was really excited about the Rapture. I even made a list of people I hoped would be Rapture-captured—and, yes, my cat, Boris the Bad, was also on that list. Now you may not believe dogs and cats go to Heaven, but I want to believe. And if Boris isn’t going to Heaven…well, that’s okay, it just means we’ll be spending eternity together.
Maybe the Rapture is real, but when it came time to find sinless folks, it couldn’t. It’s only 6:30 on the East coast right now. Maybe as the Rapture travels across the country, it will find some people to capture. I sure hope that guy in Californiawho was going to euthanize his pets so they wouldn’t be left on earth without him gets taken. One question though: the guy was having a yard sale—where does he plan to spend the money (as of this moment the Rapture hasn’t gotten to California yet, so we don’t know if he gets to spend his profits from the sale or not).
My favorite pre-Rapture story has to be about Eternal Earthbound Pets, a company that doesn’t believe that all dogs go to Heaven and actually tried to make a buck off the Rapture. For a mere $135 per pet ($20 for each additional pet), Eternal Earthbound Pets will have pet-loving atheists take care of the animals left behind. Need more info? Check out their Facebook page. For those who subscribed to this service, but didn’t get Rapture-captured, sorry, no refunds. I’m sure if the world ends at any point, your pets will be okay.
I’ll bet there are a lot of people who tried to make a lot of bucks off the Rapture. I’m just suffering from sour grapes—why can’t I ever be that conniving and sly? By the way, I caught my three cats and two dogs pooling their cash the other day. It seems they were convinced they would be Raptured, and they wanted someone to take care of me once they were gone.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TeenLit: The Look Book Features Fifty Fabulous Faces

TeenLit: The Look Book Features Fifty Fabulous Faces - Technorati Entertainment
Oh, to have Bacall’s lips, Hepburn’s eyes, and Debbie Harry’s cheeks…or would that be too much of a good thing?
Feature: Bob on Books

On May 18, Zest Books publishes The Look Book by Erika Stalder (co-author of 97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School)--with the help of celebrity makeup artists Christopher Fulton and Cameron Cohen. What’s it about? “50 iconic beauties and how to achieve their signature styles.”
Starting with an introduction to a variety of make-up brushes, The Look Book focuses on makeup techniques used to create looks people have admired for years—Monroe’s lips, Jolie’s eyes, Garbo’s brows, J Lo’s skin, Bettie Page’s hair. Many of the featured celebrities broke barriers and revolutionized fashion—Mia Farrow’s pixie cut, Twiggy’s painted-on lashes, Bj√∂rk’s bejeweled face.
The Look Book is comprised of five sections: lips, eyes, brows, skin & face, and hair. Each section includes between four and fourteen celebrities and the techniques necessary to replicate their look. There is a quote from each celebrity on subjects ranging from beauty to happiness to hope and disappointment (“If you ask people what they’ve always wanted to do, most people haven’t done it. That breaks my heart.” –Angelina Jolie; “Even I don’t look like Cindy Crawford in the morning.” –Cindy Crawford; “I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb…and I also know that I’m not blonde.”—Dolly Parton).
Featured on two-page spreads, each technique is offered along with a brief bio of the celebrities, and a tutorial on application that includes tools needed, time, how to, Pro Tips, and finally a list of other celebs who have adapted the same look. Throughout the book there are little surprises; would you have guessed that Lucy Liu’s “Pinched-Pink Cheeks” take only two minutes to achieve, while Kate Winslet’s “No-Makeup Makeup” takes twenty minutes?
The Look Book also surprises with what it showcases. There are details for creating looks that may not have been the most notable: Dolly Parton’s cheeks, Brigitte Bardot’s and Dorothy Dandridge’s hair, Iman’s “flawless foundation.” It makes sense—so much has been written about Bardot’s lips and Parton’s hair.
The Look Book is an enjoyable visit with fifty beautiful women, and a super primer on make-up techniques. Even without trying to duplicate someone else’s look, a reader gains valuable tips on “the tools of the trade.”

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Monday, May 16, 2011

YouTube - Detroit Dog Rescue

YouTube - Detroit Dog Rescue

Not for the faint of heart!!!

Who the Hell Shoots Dogs???

YouTube - NBC Dogs Youtube.mp4

Can you watch this without tears forming? These two dogs are amazing.

Whoever is responsible for shooting Mellow, shot and killed two other dogs as well.
For more details, see:

Bob on Books: "White Sleeper" Brings Biological Terrorism to American Families

White Sleeper Brings Biological Terrorism to American Families - Technorati Entertainment
Been feeling a little sleepy, irritable, and weak lately? Suffering a loss of appetite? Feel like biting someone?

What do you get when you combine a terrorist thriller with a medical thriller? David R. Fett and Stephen Langford did just that and came up with White Sleeper, a story that mixes foreign and domestic terrorism, the FBI, CIA, CDC, a little sex, and a little romance. The result is a tale that could strike terror in the hearts of Americans…a plot to kill millions with the wholesale introduction of a deadly virus.
Doctors in a small town are at first puzzled when a local family comes down with botulism. Oddly, every member of the family has contracted the disease, and a sweep of the meticulously kept home provides nary a clue. If the family got the disease from a local source wouldn’t there be a larger outbreak?
Soon another family comes down with an unexpected illness—plague. Again, the entire family is affected and a sweep of their home turns up no vectors. Both local doctors and Dr. Dave Richards, a disgraced CDC staffer, suspect a terrorism link. But how? Where?
When a little boy and his mother start foaming at the mouth and attacking people, the medics learn that a family has been infected with rabies. The mother and son have the “furious” form of rabies, while the father and daughter develop the “dumb” form—lethargy, weakness, paralysis of throat and neck muscles. There is no question that local residents are victims of some sort of terrorist operation.
Focusing both on the “detectives,” in this case FBI agents and Dr. Richards, and the terrorists, White Sleeper takes the reader on a frightening ride as the plot comes closer to fruition. Through a series of brilliant deductions and lucky coincidences, the investigators are soon on the trail of the people behind these illnesses (who have chosen a truly sinister method to infect large populations).
White Sleeper is a quick read and a good selection for summer, especially suitable for a day at the beach. Its mix of flawed protagonists and evil villains—with a sleazy bureaucrat and a mysterious CIA agent falling between—provides an entertaining treatment of a terrifying scenario.

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